1. You have to register on the website, fill in all the required fields.
We will send you the confirmation letter by email, indicated during the registration, where you will find confirmation link. By clicking on this link, email address will be confirmed and the system will send a letter to the administrator. Only after administrator's confirmation the registration will be finished and you will be able to log in with your user name and password, indicated during the registration.
2. Login in to the website.
3. If you log in for the first time, the page for filling in the profile will open. Fill in all the fields. This data will be used for formation and fulfillment of the order.
4. Purchase. Choose product category and click on it. The list of chosen category will open. If the product is well known, you can order it by clicking the button "order". The field "quantity" and the button to confirm the quantity will appear. When you fill in the quantity of the product and click the button "confirm", the product is reserved and marked by a different color.
The same procedure is at the detail description of the product, which you can see by clicking on the product.
After choosing all the products, click on the menu "My order", where you will see the prepared order.
5. Look through and check all the data of the order at the menu "My order". If the quantity is incorrect, you can change it by clicking on the icon "edit".
Please indicate delivery date. Please check delivery method.
6. Possible delivery methods of the products:
a) "Courier" - delivery method of choosing a courier and indicating the delivery address.
b) "I will take it myself". It is a method when the customer collects the products from the warehouse.
c) "Pallet required". It is a method when the products will be send by packing them on Euro pallets.

If delivery address is the same you indicated on your profile, leave the button "Yes" checked. If the address is different - click "No" and the field for address edit will appear. Fill in the new delivery address. Indicate the country. Choose the courier. After choosing the courier, delivery price will be calculated according to the weight of the products and country. Delivery cost will be added to the order automatically. In this place we want to emphasize that you have a possibility to deliver the products to you clients directly by indicating the address of the client as the products delivery address.

If you will collect the products by yourself, just check "I will take it myself".
If there is an option "Pallet required", think if you need a pallet for products delivery. If it is necessary - click "Yes". Pallet selection field will appear. Choose the pallet from the pallet list, indicate the quantity of the pallets. The pallet(s) price will be added to the total sum of the order. Save your choice.
Please select a payment method, through which payment system you are going to pay for the order.
Possible payment methods:
a) Paypal.
b) Paysera. (Paysera - it is a payment system, where you will find bank(s) that you use every day and will be able to make a payment from your current bank account. Since Paysera is directly linked to our system, your payment will come through expeditiously).
Process: Please choose a country from which you are going to make a payment in a new open window. The system will firstly suggest the country indicated in your profile. If you make a payment from a different country - indicate the country. After choosing the country, the system will change the list of payment methods. Please select the bank or other suggested payment method form the list. When the button "Make a payment" appears, please click on it. The system will direct you to your selected bank (or other payment method), where you will fill in the passwords to log in to your bank account and the payment for the order will be made. Please wait until you return to the website. After receiving the notice "Thank you, the payment is made successfully", the payment of the order is made completely. Wait for the delivery of the products. You will receive an invoice by email.
c) Making a payment from the system of "local/credit" account.
What is that and how to use the system of "local/credit" account.
Each user, who has his own "profile", has a "local/credit account". The user can fill in this account by using various payment methods, including the elementary bank transaction. The user is able to see all the operations of the money, which were made from "local/credit" account.
The user is able to contact the administrator for payment delays, i.e. receiving a credit.
d) Bank transaction. When you select this payment method, the table with the administrator's bank account will open, according to which you will be able to make a bank transaction. After you make an order using this payment method, the sum in "local/credit" account will be with minus (-). This status will change after your payment comes through.

Please save your delivery address and payment data.
Attention! After saving, you will not be able to change the data!

7. Please check your order data again. If the data is correct, please click "Sign".
Attention - after signing, you will not be able to change the data, and each order must be finished by clicking on the button "Make a payment".
8. Pay for your orders by clicking on the button "Make a payment".

Thank you for collaboration.